Is Team National a Scam? Let’s Take a Look in This Review

Team National MLM Income Opportunity is a well known player of the home business turf. Team National’s business model is MLM, and its products are benefit packages, or discounts of all types. Is Team National a scam?
Team National has arrangements with corporate giants like Wal-Mart, Home Depot, and other retail stores and restaurants where the company members are given a discount on purchase of goods or services. Members can profit through these discounts, or by selling these benefit packages to others, as in the case of all MLM chains.
Team National, or the National Companies Inc. that owns it, is situated in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and is owned and run by Dick Loehr. It was started by him in 1996 as a small company offering benefit packages. Modifications were made over the years and it got its present name and logo in 2001.
A company member is known as an IMD or Independent Marketing Director. He can go on selling these benefit packages to many and can create a downline under him. The compensation plan is based on a binary matrix where the marketer is allowed to have just two people in the row just under him, so that even if he recruits more than two, the remainder will placed below the first line. A marketer can, however, buy multiple business centers at a cost and operate them.
The entrance fee is what works as a damper for many. A two year membership is priced at $899 and a lifetime membership at $2199. In return for that you get to avail discounts on so many things like jewelry, cars, furniture, long distance calls, restaurants, and even on buying and selling homes. Users who have benefitted from the membership claim that the money savings through its discounts in the long run is much more than the investment.
As to whether Team National is a scam, it is not. They are members of the Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce and other credibility enhancing organizations. So there is no question of doubting the company’s legitimacy. Its utility for a person will depend on that individual’s shopping habits. If he is an indefatigable shopper, especially with high-end stuff, there could be some benefit to be made with the package.
About selling the packages to everyone including one’s own grandfather, and chasing the downline through slippery streets, it is the routine MLM ball game. In a Team National scheme, the downline should also be shopping addicts, if the package is to be beneficial to them. Where all these requirements fit in perfectly, it could be a molten gold opportunity. Others might feel that Team National is a scam.