Is Team National a Scam? Let’s Take a Look in This Review

Team National MLM Income Opportunity is a well known player of the home business turf. Team National’s business model is MLM, and its products are benefit packages, or discounts of all types. Is Team National a scam?
Team National has arrangements with corporate giants like Wal-Mart, Home Depot, and other retail stores and restaurants where the company members are given a discount on purchase of goods or services. Members can profit through these discounts, or by selling these benefit packages to others, as in the case of all MLM chains.
Team National, or the National Companies Inc. that owns it, is situated in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and is owned and run by Dick Loehr. It was started by him in 1996 as a small company offering benefit packages. Modifications were made over the years and it got its present name and logo in 2001.
A company member is known as an IMD or Independent Marketing Director. He can go on selling these benefit packages to many and can create a downline under him. The compensation plan is based on a binary matrix where the marketer is allowed to have just two people in the row just under him, so that even if he recruits more than two, the remainder will placed below the first line. A marketer can, however, buy multiple business centers at a cost and operate them.
The entrance fee is what works as a damper for many. A two year membership is priced at $899 and a lifetime membership at $2199. In return for that you get to avail discounts on so many things like jewelry, cars, furniture, long distance calls, restaurants, and even on buying and selling homes. Users who have benefitted from the membership claim that the money savings through its discounts in the long run is much more than the investment.
As to whether Team National is a scam, it is not. They are members of the Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce and other credibility enhancing organizations. So there is no question of doubting the company’s legitimacy. Its utility for a person will depend on that individual’s shopping habits. If he is an indefatigable shopper, especially with high-end stuff, there could be some benefit to be made with the package.
About selling the packages to everyone including one’s own grandfather, and chasing the downline through slippery streets, it is the routine MLM ball game. In a Team National scheme, the downline should also be shopping addicts, if the package is to be beneficial to them. Where all these requirements fit in perfectly, it could be a molten gold opportunity. Others might feel that Team National is a scam.

Glacier National Park – Lodging Alternatives at the Amtrak Train Stations by Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park received its designation in 1910. George Bird Grinnell, an early Montana explorer, was instrumental in prodding the United States government to protect this land. Today, about 2 million people visit the 1500 square miles of the park annually.

Fortunately, Glacier National Park is well served by Amtrak’s Empire Builder year-round. The Great Northern Railway (GN), which operated on the tracks Amtrak uses today, provided the initial lodging in the area along its stops. Here are lodging alternatives close to the four Glacier stops (going from east to west):

East Glacier Park: In 1913, GN opened its first Glacier lodge, the Glacier Park Hotel in East Glacier Park. Now known as the Glacier Park Lodge and Resort, the hotel retains the rugged looks of a century ago with modern amenities. The resort is open from late-May to late-September. Located across the street from the Amtrak train station, the 161-room lodge has accommodations that range from rustic “value lodge” rooms to a “Glacier Golf house” situated about ½ mile from the main lodge. The resort also has three restaurants and a “Cowboy Cookout” on Tuesday and Wednesdays. There are two retail stores on the property. Finally, there are over 20 other hotels and campgrounds nearby.

Essex: In a small sliver of land between Glacier National Park and the Bob Marshall Wilderness, lie Essex and the Izaak Walton Inn. Built in 1939 by GN to house winter snow removal crews, this hotel operates year-around. The Izaak Walton is located adjacent to the Amtrak stop at Essex. You have a choice of one of 33 rooms in the inn, four restored railroad cabooses, and six modern family cabins. The restaurant is opened for three meals a day. Reproductions of historic Great Northern dinnerware are the featured items in the hotel’s James J. Hill Gift Shop.

West Glacier: There are dozens of hotels and campground close to West Glacier. Three properties are on the shore of Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park. On the south end, in the Village of Apgar, there is the Village Inn at Apgar (the last Glacier-area lodge built by GN) and the Apgar Village Lodge. Apgar has a visitor center, restaurant and gift stores. On Lake McDonald’s north end, are the magnificent Lake McDonald Lodge, Cottages and Inn. The main lodge was built by GN in 1914 in a Swiss Chalet motif. The resort has three restaurants, a gift shop, and a campstore.

Whitefish: Columbia Falls, Kalispell and Whitefish have numerous lodging options including traditional hotels, condos, bed and breakfasts, ranches and campgrounds. Within an hour’s drive from Glacier National Park, this alternative is attractive to those who want to experience more than just the park. For instance, Whitefish Mountain Resort provides winter sports and summer hiking activities. Also, Flathead Lake, the largest freshwater lake west of the Mississippi River, is known for its fishing and boating activities. There are many good restaurants and shops in this area.

Shopping in Estes Park: General Overview

Shopping: General Overview

Estes Park has been in the tourist business for years and the town knows what it’s doing. Joel Estes, the town’s namesake, first started taking in guests in the 1860’s and a few years later when Griff Evans subsequently bought the original homestead and expanded the living quarters he developed Estes Park’s first official tourist lodging, advertising in as far away a place as Chicago.

Years before Rocky Mountain National Park actually existed the world was interested in viewing the beautiful surrounding snow-capped mountains. Today more than three million visitors come to Rocky Mountain National Park each year and adjacent Estes Park is there to cater to their needs.

Have no fear if you’ve never engaged in outdoor activities such as hiking, rock climbing, fishing, rafting, horseback riding, or camping because any equipment, clothing or footwear you will need is sold in town at reasonable prices. As a first time tourist you are freed from having to figure out what to bring because everything you will need can be purchased once you are there. You will have your choice of outdoor gear stores. Your selection of stores includes a large outlet store, smaller mom and pop stores to specialty footwear shops.

Let’s say you have no intention of doing anything more strenuous than climbing into your guided tour jeep to see the sights. After returning back to town what you want are stylish clothing and accessories stores, trendy boutiques and western wear stores. Once again, have no fear, there are plenty.

How about something to bring back to display in your home? There are furniture and home accessories stores as well as art and photo galleries.

Want to go souvenir shopping? There is everything from cheap trinkets to one of a kind, rare and expensive items. Next to the t-shirt, key chain, and souvenir mug stores are fine jewelry shops where the rings and bracelets are made by the store owners. Interested in handmade Native American items? Head to just one of the many stores that carry these items. How about fossilized dinosaur bones dating back thousands of years? Beeline to one of the three rock shops.

Just want the basics? There are chain and independent grocery stores and multiple gas stations.

There are so many different stores in town I’m sure I’ve forgotten something but the bottom line is this; if you show up literally with just the shirt on your back and some cash you will be fine.