Unique Shopping Experience in Japan

Japan is a shopper’s paradise and it offers diversified range of products from high-tech electronics items to traditional art and craft. Cameras, CD players, silk goods, watches, woodblock prints, Japanese dolls, electronic toys are some of the most preferred products bought, while shopping in Japan. At authorized tax free stores of Japan, purchases of over ¥10,000 on selected items are exempt from Japan’s 5% consumption tax. Duty-free shopping is only available in Japan’s international.

Shopping in Japan is always fun and interesting and it is known to give you a unique experience of shopping. One can buy many unique and rare products, which are not available outside the market of Japan. Many beautiful souvenirs and gifts are available in the market, which one can buy and keep it as a memorable item.

If you want to save money while shopping, you should visit flea market. Every product is available in this market from cosmetics to electronics at a reasonable price. Shopping in flea market is fast, easy and convenient. One can get effective and quality products in the market at cheaper prices. These flea markets are usually arranged in parks, department stores, parking lots etc. Flea markets are very popular among young people who do not have good source of income.

Japan has great shopping malls which attract shoppers from all over the world. These malls have collection of all types of products under a single roof. One can shop for Japanese clothing, electric gadgets, appliances, shoes, books, accessories, well known brands of the industry and products of all categories and many more at the discounted prices from such a one stop shop. These malls give you the pleasant experience of shopping with complete convenience. If you get tired while shopping, they also have restaurants and eating corners.

Apart from shopping malls and flea market, Japanese markets also have department stores for all products. Japan also has some specific local markets which are famous for particular products such as Akihabara, known for electrical items and coined as the Japan’s electric town. Aoyama is famous for traditional crafts of Japan, and eatables like fish, vegetables, fruits etc can be purchased at cheap cost from Ueno Ameyoko markets. The Japanese shopping gives you the worthwhile experience of shopping in Japan.

Japanese merchants are quite honest and fair and they do not take any undue advantage of foreign customers. The price of the products is usually reasonable and has the right value of the products. So you should not waste your time in comparing the price of a product.

Shops and stores of Japan are generally open on Saturday, Sunday and national holidays as well as weekdays. Many smaller specialty shops are closed on weekends, national holidays and over traditional Japanese holiday seasons. Departmental stores are usually open on weekends and national holidays. Each store is closed one day in a week.

Kanha National Park Accommodations, Activities and Safari Reservations

Kanha National Park is a famous tiger-reserve-national park situated in the Balaghat and Mandla districts of India’s Madhya Pradesh state. The park came to be last June 1955. Prior to this, it comprised of 2 sanctuaries – the Banjar sanctuary which is about 300 square kilometers and the Hallon sanctuary which is about 250 square kilometers. However, at current, is it already about 940 square kilometers in area. In fact, the Kanha Tiger Reserve stretches even to a 1009 square kilometer buffer zone; plus, the 110 square kilometers of its neighbor – Phen Sanctuary. Species you can find here include the Indian wild dog, Barasingha, sloth bear, Royal Bengal Tiger and even leopards.

At current, the park houses the world’s biggest number of tigers. This made the city one of the world’s best tourist destinations. Fascinating sites to see include tigers in their natural habitat; after all, this is the valley where these tigers were actually found.

Kanha National Park India Accommodations

For accommodations, there a number of jungle resorts you can find here. The regarded best by many travelers is the GTV or Golbro Tiger View Resort. It offers the best facilities along with beautiful gardens, bamboo trees and excellent lawns. For inquiries and reservations, call them at +91-7627-265314 or +91-7662-251251 and +91-9424973602.

Another great place to stay in is Kawardha Palace situated only 3 hours from the Kanha National Park. This charming resort was built at the time of King Dharamraj Singh during the period of 1936 to 1939. Fascinating attractions are also nearby like the Krishna Temple, Mandawa Mahal, Bhoremdeo Temple and the Madan Manjari Mahal among others.

The resort is associated with Bamni Dadar, also known as the “Sunset Point” because of the magnificent sunset views you can capture here. In fact, most of the visitors of Kanha Park never fail to stop over this place. Other animals to see include the four-horned antelope, gaur, barking deer and sambar among others. Another site to visit inside the park is the Kanha Museum. Here, you’ll get more information regarding the topography as well as other interesting aspects about Kanha National Park.

Activities in Kanha National Park India

When visiting Kanha Park, it is advisable to make an advanced booking, especially with the tour operators so that you already know what you need to pack for their jeep safari, elephant safari and the like. Typically, jeep safaris have two schedules in a day. You can either book one in the morning or in the evening. Aside from safaris and sightseeing activities, there are lots of activities you can do in the park like shopping for souvenirs.

For souvenirs, you can shop for a lot of items in the park. This is since Kanha Park is already a commercialized forest. A wide array of stores selling all kinds of stuff are scattered through designated areas. Some souvenirs you can buy include t-shirts, local handicrafts, woodworks and keychains. Aside from being sold at super reasonable prices, you can even haggle on the price. Your vacation isn’t complete without bringing something home to remind you of your great adventure in Kanha National Park.